We can achieve your electronic products from schematic design, PCB and Assembly making, and METAL & PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING for your electronic products.

ABOUT HongRong

Formed in 2005, HongRong(shenzhen)Electronics Co.,Ltd, we provide unique solutions to various industries by providing high quality PCB assembly and Electronic manufacturing service. Our turnkey solutions include: PCB Fabrication, Component Sourcing, PCB Assembly(SMT/TH), Wire Assembly, Box build, mold making, Component Forming and Programming, Free electrical function testing etc...

HongRong offer a full suite of design services; from schematic design, board layout, component selection, firmware design,mechanical design to PCB,PCBA, we can help you source components, PCB FPC making , mold making , Plastic Injection ,assembly, packaging, and deliver the finished goods to you, or even drop ship to a third party. If you require only one aspect of the above, we have the flexibility to adapt to your needs and requirements.