Formed in 2005, HongRong(shenzhen)Electronics Co.,Ltd, we provide unique solutions to various industries by providing high quality PCB assembly and Electronic manufacturing service. Our turnkey solutions include: PCB Fabrication, Component Sourcing, PCB Assembly(SMT/TH), Wire Assembly, Box build, mold making, Component Forming and Programming, Free electrical function testing etc...

With a facility area of more than 10,000 square meters,HongRong is able to produce over 160,000 square meters per year and more than 13,000 items per month, whose PCB products range from 1 to 32 layers, Rigid-Flex, Heavy Copper, HDI, and Embedded Capacitance, and provides "PCB One-stop Shop" service to meet customers’ diverse demands.


Item Manufacturing Capabilities Remark
Material Shengyi  FR-4 Normal TG, Medium TG and High TG
HF Medium TG and High TG
Ceramic filled High Frequency Board Rogers 4003/4350, Arlon 25N/25FR
PTFE High Frequency Board Rogers series, Arlon series, Taconic series
Surface Finish HASL with Lead/HASL LEAD FREE Tin Thickness 2-40um
Board Thickness 0.6mm≤H≤3.0mm
Immersion Gold (ENIG) Max. Gold Thickness 8u"
OSP Film Thickness 0.2-0.5um
Hard Gold   Max. Gold Thickness 2.0um
Immersion Tin Tin Thickness 0.8-1.2um
Immersion Silver Silver Thickness 0.15-0.25um
Layers 4 - 40 layers FR4 Max. 40 layers
Finished Board Thickness 0.2-6.8 mm Min. Thickness: 0.2mm (Double-Sided)
Thickness Tolerance T≥1.0mm ±10% (Standard PCB) ±8% (Advanced PCB) /
T<1.0mm ±0.1mm (Standard PCB) ±10% (Advanced PCB) /
Finished Copper Thickness 1oz/2oz (Standard PCB) Inner Layer: 12oz (Advanced PCB) 1oz = 35um
Outer Layer: 15oz (Advanced PCB)
Bow and Twist Per Cater-Corner Length, ≤0.75% (Standard PCB) ≤0.50% (Advanced PCB) For Boards without SMT, the max. 1.5%
PTH Deviation ±3mil (Standard PCB) ±2mil (Advanced PCB)  
NPTH Deviation ±2mil (Standard PCB) ±1mil (Advanced PCB)  
Hole Position Deviation ±3mil (Standard PCB) /  
Hole Wall Roughness (Max.) 1.5mil (Standard PCB) 1mil (Advanced PCB)  
Min. Drilling Bit Diameter 0.3mm (Standard PCB)  0.25mm (Advanced PCB)  
Max. Drilling Bit Diameter 6.5mm (Standard PCB) / For vias larger than 6.5mm, multiple drilling or milling is recommended
Min. Slot Width 0.6mm (Standard PCB) / For HASL, the min. finished slot width is 0.45mm, for other surface finish, it is 0.5mm
Board Thickness/Via Diameter ≤6:1 (Standard PCB) ≤7:1 (Advanced PCB) 7:1≤value≥6:1, add one more day for fabrication
PTH Deviation Width ±4mil (Standard PCB) /  
Length ±5mil (Standard PCB) /
NPTH Deviation Width ±3mil (Standard PCB) /  
Length ±4mil (Standard PCB) /
Hole Wall Copper Thickness Thinnest ≥0.71mil (Standard PCB) ≥1mil (Advanced PCB)  
Average ≥0.8mil (Standard PCB) ≥1mil (Advanced PCB)  
VIA Space (Same Net) ≥8mil (Standard PCB) ≥6mil (Advanced PCB)  
VIA Space (Different Net) ≥17mil (Standard PCB) ≥14mil (Advanced PCB)  
Min. Space for Component VIAs in Different Net ≥24mil (Standard PCB) ≥20mil (Advanced PCB)  
Max. PTH Round Hole 8mm (Standard PCB) 10mm (Advanced PCB)  
Slot Holes 6*10mm (Standard PCB) 8*12mm (Advanced PCB)  
Min. Trace Width/Space 1oz 6/6mil (Standard PCB) 5/5mil (Advanced PCB) The space refers to the distance between trace to trace, trace to copper
2oz 8/8mil (Standard PCB) 7/7mil (Advanced PCB)
Min. SMD Width 1oz ≥10mil (Standard PCB) ≥8mil (Advanced PCB) /
2oz ≥12mil (Standard PCB) ≥10mil (Advanced PCB)
Space between Pad to Trace 1oz 8mil (Standard PCB) 6mil (Advanced PCB) /
2oz 8mil (Standard PCB) 6mil (Advanced PCB)
Min. Etching Letters ≥8mil (Standard PCB) ≥7mil (Advanced PCB)  
Min. Space for SMD ≥10mil (Standard PCB) / The data is the Min. space to achieve Solder Mask Bridge, if Bridge is not required, please refer to the Min. Trace Space requirement
V-Cut Line to Copper  T≥1.5mm, V-Cut 20° 20mil (Standard PCB) 16mil (Advanced PCB)  
T≤1.2mm, V-Cut 20° 16mil (Standard PCB) 12mil (Advanced PCB)  
Trace Width/Space Deviation ±20% (Standard PCB) ±15% (Advanced PCB)  
Trace Net Grids 12/12mil (Standard PCB) 8/8mil (Advanced PCB)  
Alignment Accuracy for Layer ±3mil (Standard PCB) ±2mil (Advanced PCB)  
Space between Trace and Border Inner layer ≥16mil (Standard PCB) ≥12mil (Advanced PCB) If there is V-Cut requirement, please follow the V-Cut standards
Outer layer ≥10mil (Standard PCB) ≥8mil (Advanced PCB)
Space between Via to Trace ≥12mil (Standard PCB) ≥10mil (Advanced PCB)  
Space between Inner Via to Trace ≥10mil (Standard PCB) ≥8mil (Advanced PCB)  
Solder Oil Thickness Trace Interface 0.4-0.8mil (Standard PCB)  /  
Trace Corner ≥0.2mil (Standard PCB)  /
Plugged Via Diameter Plugged on both sides ≤0.45mm (Standard PCB) 0.5-0.55mm (Advanced PCB) No solder mask opening on both sides
Plumpness for Plugged Vias(Max.) 100%(Vias Diameter≤0.4mm) (Standard PCB) 50%(Vias Diameter≤0.45mm) (Advanced PCB) Refer to plugged depth
Space between Opening to Trace/Copper ≥4mil (Standard PCB) ≥3mil (Advanced PCB)  
Opening Size (Single Side) ≥3mil (Standard PCB) ≥2mil (Advanced PCB)  
Text Width for Solder Mask Opening ≥10mil (Standard PCB) ≥8mil (Advanced PCB)  
Solder Mask Bridge Width Green, Blue≥4mil; White, Black≥6mil; others≥5mil  
Silkscreen Width Positive Text ≥6mil (Standard PCB) 5mil (Advanced PCB)  
Negative Text ≥8mil (Standard PCB) ≥6mil (Advanced PCB)  
Silkscreen Height ≥40mil (Standard PCB) ≥30mil (Advanced PCB)  
Space between Silkscreen to Copper Pad ≥7mil (Standard PCB) 6mil (Advanced PCB)  
The Distance between Solder Mask Oil to Copper Pad ≥10mil (Standard PCB) 8mil (Advanced PCB) The Min. Solder Mask Oil Strip is 5mil
Space between Silkscreen to Border ≥8mil (Standard PCB) 6mil (Advanced PCB)  
Min. Silkscreen Space ≥6mil (Standard PCB) 5mil (Advanced PCB)  
Min. Dimension 80*80mm (Standard PCB) / Only for V-Cut with one direction, the min. size is 40mm for the side without V-Cut
Max. Dimension 500*500mm (Standard PCB)   Max. Width for manual V-Cut board is 500mm, not limited for length
Min. Board Thickness 0.6mm (Standard PCB) / No V-cut for 0.4mm board
V-CUT Angle 20°/30° (Standard PCB) /  
Alignment Accuracy for Neighbouring V-CUT ±0.1mm (Standard PCB) /  
Space for two V-CUT Lines ≥3mm (Standard PCB) /  
Space between Border to first V-Cut Line ≥3mm (Standard PCB) /  
Remaining Board Thickness after V-Cut 1/3 or 1/4 of Board Thickness (Standard PCB) / Min. remaining thickness 0.25mm
Remaining Board Thickness Deviation after V-Cut ±0.1mm (Standard PCB) /  
CNC Routing Deviation ±0.15mm (Standard PCB) ±0.10mm (Advanced PCB)  
CNC the Distance Deviation between Via to Border ±0.13mm (Standard PCB) ±0.10mm (Advanced PCB)  
Min. Slot Width 0.8mm (Standard PCB) /  
CNC Min. Via Corner Angle for Routing 0.4mm (Standard PCB) /  
Min. PCB Dimension 5*5mm (Standard PCB) Min. 3mm for one side (Advanced PCB)  




Our service objective is "customer-oriented, fast, high-quality customer services". We provide 24-hour Quick Turn PCB service,4-8 multilayer laminates model 48-hour delivery, 2-Hours reply engineering techniques questions, 2-Hour Quick PCB Quote.

Please send your detailed pcb requirements to tell us that we can produce a completely meet your needs printed circuit boards. If you do not know how to tell us about your needs, please carefully read our guidelines below.


(1) Gerber data for all artwork layers 

(2) Aperture list or lists for all layers

(3) Drill file in Gerber or Excellon format

(4) Drawings: Print should be hard copy or Gerber HPGL or DXF format      Board dimensions and tolerances     Datum points      Overall thickness / Multi-layer detail stacking       Hole sizes (5) Special notes or "Read Me" file pertaining to:Color / type of solder-mask,Color of silkscreen,Plating finish (copper, nickel or gold),Dielectrics,Controlled impedance,Other special requirements or instructions Files format accepted: Gerber RS-274X,274D,Eagle and AutoCAD’S DXF,DWG, Ki-CAD,Pro-E



1. Are my design files secure when I send them to you?

Your Your files are held in complete safety and security while HongRong(shenzhen)Electronics Co.,Ltd is in possession of them. Your files are never shared with any third parties, only our colleagues have access to your design files.  Since they are your property, we respect the copyright of your files.  The customer controls the disposition of these files per your requirements and written approval. 

2. For small quantity orders, can you produce prototype PCB? 

HongRong(shenzhen)Electronics Co.,Ltd has the capability to produce circuit boards in any amount.

3. Do you have an minimum order quantity? 


4. What is the warranty?

The warranty is 1-3years.